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Lord Srinivasa Govinda pictures and info at ISKCON, Bangalore

"ha ha Prabhu karo doya, deho more pada chaya, ebe jashak tribhuvana

Our own velentine king lord Krishna is known by names as "Gopal, Hari, Murari, Govinda, Srinivasa Govinda,Shyam,Mohan and many more. ISKON is one of the most famous group of devoties all around the world. Devoties From Many countries come to India specially for ISKON. ISKON has many branches all around like Delhi,Mumbai,Banglore etc.
I have been visited to pune, Delhi, Mumbai branches of ISKON.

Over the last six years by the divine will of Lord Sri Krishna and the powerful desire and mercy of His pure and exalted devotee, Srila Prabhupada along with the surrender and vision of the Bangalore ISKCON Temple President Madhu Pundit Prabhu and the temple devotees with the support of thousands of donors primarily from Bangalore and Karnataka, an incredible temple complex has manifest complete with three temples.

In the first temple Lord Narasimha is worshipped along with His pure devotee Prahlada. Next is the temple of Sri Srinivasa Govinda. The main temple hall contains the presiding Deities, Sri Radha Krishna-chandra along with Sri Nitai Gauranga and Sri Krishna Balarama.

Here, everyone attends the Mangala Aratik, performs Tulasi puja, sings Narasimha Aratik, chants 16 rounds of Hare Krishna maha-mantra will all the devotees in the main temple hall.

A most unique and ecstatic program is the “Sahastra-koti Hari-nama Japa Yajna for World Peace & Harmony.” This takes place on the steps of the Lord Narismhadeva temple, the first temple the pilgrims visit. From a booth over a loud-speaker system a devotee welcomes the pilgrims to the temple and introduces them to the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, gives them a card with the Hare Krishna mantra printed on it, and explains they can chant the mantra once on each of the 108 steps to Lord Narsimhadeva’s temple. Most of the pilgrims choose to enter the temple this way and therefore they all chant one complete round of the Hare Krishna mantra before entering the temple complex! I have spent quite a bit of time at this part of the temple and it is my favorite place. The pilgrims chant the Hare Krishna mantra guided by Srila Prabhupada who is loudly chanting the Hare Krishna mantra over a sound system along with other devotees who encourage the pilgrims to chant Hare Krishna louder… It can be a very ecstatic transcendental experience indeed.


A major festival of south India, Vaikuntha Ekadashi is observed with all solemnity in the temples of Lord Vishnu. The Vaikuntha Dwara (gate) of all Vishnu temples is opened on this day. Thousands of devotees pass through this gate to get special mercy of Lord Srinivasa Govinda. Lord Srinivasa Govinda receives a gorgeous bathing ceremony and special alankara on this day with sparkling jewels.

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