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Somnath Temple: How and when to visit?

Facing the wide open Arabian Sea, the temple at Somnath is an imposing structure offering a spectacular sight to the beholders. At a distance of 79 km from Junagadh and 25 km from Chorwad is the temple of Somnath, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The legend says, Somnath was built by none other than the Moon God himself at the time of creation. The remains of the temple "braved the shocks of time and survived the attacks of destroyers." Facing the wide open Arabian Sea, the temple at Somnath is an imposing structure offering a spectacular sight to the beholders. At a distance of 79 km from Junagadh and 25 km from Chorwad is the temple of Somnath, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The legend says, Somnath was built by none other than the Moon God himself at the time of creation. The remains of the temple "braved the shocks of time and survived the attacks of destroyers."

It is as old as creation and its reference is available in Rig Ved also. It is said - the Moon (Soma) with his wife Rohini worshipped the deity of the temple, the Sparsha Ling, to free himself from the curse of his father-in-law, Daksha Prajapati. Lord Shiva pleased with his penance restored his light for half of the month. Hence the deity here is known as Someshwar or Somnath, Lord of the moon and the place as Prabhas. The Somnath is known as the Shrine Eternal as it has withstood the shocks of time and the attacks of the destroyers. It has risen like a phoenix each time it was destroyed or desecrated.

 The present temple is the seventh temple built on the original site. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the great son of India and its first Deputy Prime Minister took a pledge on November 13, 1947 for its reconstruction which was completed on December 1, 1995 when the President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma dedicated it in the service of the nation. The present temple is built by Shree Somnath Trust which looks after the entire complex of Shree Somnath and its environs.
Such a temple has not been constructed in India during the last 800 years. The Temple is situated at such a place that there is no land in between from Somnath sea-shore to Antartica, the South Pole. Such an inscription in Sanskrit is found on the ARROW-PILLAR erected on the sea-protection wall at the Somnath Temple.There is a grey-sand beach outside the temple which is part of the temple's lonely seaside charm.

The current temple was built to traditional designs on the original site by the sea. It contains one of the 12 sacred Shiva shrines known as jyoti linga. Photography is prohibited inside the temple, and you must leave your camera at the hut outside.

it is said to have originally been built out of gold by Somraj, the moon god, only to be rebuilt by Rawana in Silver, then by krishna in wood and by Bhimdev in Stone.
Getting There
Air - The nearest airport from Somnath is Keshod 55 km away and linked to Mumbai. There are regular buses and taxis plying between Keshod and Somnath. Rail - The nearest railhead is seven km away at Veraval, which is connected by train to Ahmedabad and some other cities in Gujarat.
Road - State transport corporation buses and private coaches run regular service to other cities in the region. Somnath is connected by a good road network to the other nearby places like Veraval 7 km, Mumbai 889 km, Ahmedabad 400 km, Bhavnagar 266 km, Junagarh 85 km, and Porbandar 122 km.

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shri Bajrang Ban (Download free Lyrics Hindi+ english)

Download free hanuman ban in hindi and english:-

ishchay Prema Prateet-tay, Vinay Karain Sanmaan,
Tayhi-Kay Karaja Sakala Shubha, Sidhi Karain Hanuman

Jai Hanumanta Santa Hitakaari, Suna Liijay Prabhu Araja hamari
Jana kay kaaja vilambana keejay, Aatura dawrii maha Sukha deejay

Jaisay kooda sindhu mahi paara, Sursa badana paithii Vistaara
Aagay jaiyii Lankinii Rokaa, Maarayhu laata gaii sura Loka

Jaayay Vibhishan ko sukha deenha, Sita Nirakhi parama pada Leenhaa
Baag ujaari Sindhu Mahana Borah, Ati Aatura Jama Kaatara tora

Akshaya Kumara mara sanhaara, Loama lapaita Lanka-ko Jaarah
Laaha samaan lanka jaari-gai, Jai Jai Dhwani surpur naba Bhai

Aba vilambha kayhi Kaaran Swami, Kripaa Karahhu ura Antaraymii
Jai Jai Lakshmana Praana kay daataa, Aatura hai dukha Karhu Nipaataa

Jai Jai Hanumanta Jayati bala saagar, Sura Samooha samratha Bhata Naagar
Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumanta Hateelay, Bhairayhhi Maaru Bajrah-Ki Keelay

Om Hrim Hrim Hrim Hanumana Kapisha, Om Hun Hun Hun Hanu Arii Ura Sheesha
Jai Anjani Kumara Balawanta, Shankara Suwana Beera Hanumanta

Badana Karaala kaala kula ghaalaka, Rama sahay sadaa prati Paalak
Bhoota prayta pishacha nischaara, Agni Baitala kaal maari mar

Inhain maaru tohi shapatha Ram ki, Raakhu natha Maarayad Naama ki
Satya hahu Hari Shapatha paiikay, Rama doota dharu maaru Dhaiikay

Jai jai Jai Hanumanta Agadha, Dukha Pavata Jaana Kayhi apraadha
Pooja jaapa tapa naima achaara, Nahina Jaanat Kacchu-das tumhaaraa

Baan upawaan maaga-girigraha manhi, Tumharay Bala hoo Darpata Nahin
Janaka Suta Hari Das Kahawoh, Taaki shapatha Vilamba na laawoh

Jai Jai Jaya Dhuni Hota Akaasha, Sumirata Hota Dusah Dukha Nasha
Charana pakar jori mana-oan, Yahi awsara aba kayhi gohra-oan

Uthu Uthu Chalu Tohi Rama Duhai, Paayain paroan kara jori manaayaii
Om Cham Cham Cham Cham Chapal Chalantaa, Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumantaa
Om Ham Ham Hanka Day-tah Kapi Chanchal, Om San San Sahami Paraanay khal Dala

Apnaay jaana ko turata ubaaro, Sumirata hoya ananda hamaaroh
Yaha Bajaranga Baan Jayhi Maaray, Taahi Kaho phir kahana ubaaray

Paatha karay Bajranga Baana ki, Hanumanata Raksha Karayne Praana ki
Yaha Bajranga Baana Jo Jaapay, Taataay Bhoota Pray-tah Saba Kaampay
Dhoopa-day aru Japayne Hamaayshaa, Takay tana Nahina Rahay Kalesha

Ura Pratitee Dhardh, saran havay, paath karay dhari Dhyaana,
Badha sab har, karay sab kaam sahal Hanuman .

Siyaa pati Ramachandra ki jai,
Uma Pati Mahadeo ki jai
Pawana suutah Hanumana ki jai

Download Free Shree Hanuman ban

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Sun temple "Modhera" NEAR Pushpavati River AT GUJARAT

If i ask you Do you know about Sun temple...Many of you will reply in yes and answer is "Sun temple in "Konark". but my friends there are more sun temples in India and one in Pakistan as this post i'm telling about Sun temple in Modhera,Gujrat.
Sun Temple at Modhera is one of the few shrines that are dedicated to the Sun God. Situated on the banks of Pushpavati River in Modhera. The temple at Modhera is the most important of all sun-temples built in the whole of Gujarat. It enjoys the same significance as other two well known sun-temples in Kashmir (Martand) and Orissa (Konark). The remains of this magnificent architectural monument still reflect the glimpses of elegance and testify the sanctity of the site.The Sun Temple was built by Raja Bhimdev I of Solanki Dynasty in AD 1026. This was the time when Somnath and the adjoining area was plundered by Mahmud Ghazni and reeled under the effects of his invasion. The Solankis, however, regained much of their lost power and splendour. Anahilvad Patan, the Solanki capital, was restored to glory. Royalty and traders jointly contributed to build grand temples.

Solankis were considered to be Suryavanshis, or descendants of Sun god. The temple was so designed that the first rays of the sun fell on the image of Surya, the Sun God, at the time equinoxes.

According to the Skanda Purana and Brahma Purana, the areas near Modhera were known during ancient days as Dharmaranya (literally meaning the forest of righteousness). According to these Puranas, Lord Rama ,after defeating Ravana, asked sage Vasistha to show him a place of pilgrimage where he could go and purify himself from the sin of Brahma-hatya (the sin of killing a Brahmin, because ravan was a Brahmin by birth). Sage Vasistha showed him Dharmaranya, which was near the modern town of Modhera. In the Dharmaranya, he settled at a village Modherak and performed a yagna there. Thereafter he established a village and named it Sitapur. This village is about 8 km from Becharaji Modherak village and it subsequently came to be known as Modhera.

The Sun temple is of a unique architecture of its own kind.

The temple comprises three separate but axially-aligned and integrated elements.

1. Surya Kund, which is an intricately carved, stepped tank named after Sun god Surya.
2. Sabha Mandap, which is a hall used for religious gatherings and conferences.
3. Guda Mandap, i.e. sanctum sanctorum, which once housed the idol of Sun God.

The Surya-kunda also known as Rama-kunda is rectangular and measures 176 feet north to south, by 120 feet east to west. It has many terraces and steps leading to the water level. On its sides and corners are various small shrines with the images of gods and goddesses namely Jalasayi Vishnu, Trivikrama, Goddess Shitala etc. "In viewing the Modhera temple as a whole the aesthetic sense at once responds to the elegance of its proportions, the entire composition being lit with the living flame of inspiration. But apart from its material beauty, its designer has succeeded in communicating to it an atmosphere of spiritual grace. The temple faces the east to that the rising sun at the equinoxes filters in a golden cadence through its openings, from door way to corridor, past columned vestibules finally to fall on the image in its innermost chamber.


Modhera dance festival is the major festival that is observed by the Sun Temple. This dance festival is organized to keep the Indian traditions and culture alive. It is held in the third week of January every year. The classical dance forms in the premises of this temple revive the imperial ambiance during the period. Gujarat Tourism organizes this event to promote tourism at this place. Thousands of people from India and abroad visit the place every month.

How to reach there:-

Sun Temple is easily accessible from Ahmedabad, the largest city of Gujarat.
By Air :
Nearest airport is in Ahmedabad at 102 kms.
By Rail :
Nearest Railway Station is in Mehsana which is 26 kms away from Modhera.
By Road :
State transport buses and private luxury coaches are available to reach Modhera from various cities of Gujarat.

Lord Srinivasa Govinda pictures and info at ISKCON, Bangalore

"ha ha Prabhu karo doya, deho more pada chaya, ebe jashak tribhuvana

Our own velentine king lord Krishna is known by names as "Gopal, Hari, Murari, Govinda, Srinivasa Govinda,Shyam,Mohan and many more. ISKON is one of the most famous group of devoties all around the world. Devoties From Many countries come to India specially for ISKON. ISKON has many branches all around like Delhi,Mumbai,Banglore etc.
I have been visited to pune, Delhi, Mumbai branches of ISKON.

Over the last six years by the divine will of Lord Sri Krishna and the powerful desire and mercy of His pure and exalted devotee, Srila Prabhupada along with the surrender and vision of the Bangalore ISKCON Temple President Madhu Pundit Prabhu and the temple devotees with the support of thousands of donors primarily from Bangalore and Karnataka, an incredible temple complex has manifest complete with three temples.

In the first temple Lord Narasimha is worshipped along with His pure devotee Prahlada. Next is the temple of Sri Srinivasa Govinda. The main temple hall contains the presiding Deities, Sri Radha Krishna-chandra along with Sri Nitai Gauranga and Sri Krishna Balarama.

Here, everyone attends the Mangala Aratik, performs Tulasi puja, sings Narasimha Aratik, chants 16 rounds of Hare Krishna maha-mantra will all the devotees in the main temple hall.

A most unique and ecstatic program is the “Sahastra-koti Hari-nama Japa Yajna for World Peace & Harmony.” This takes place on the steps of the Lord Narismhadeva temple, the first temple the pilgrims visit. From a booth over a loud-speaker system a devotee welcomes the pilgrims to the temple and introduces them to the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, gives them a card with the Hare Krishna mantra printed on it, and explains they can chant the mantra once on each of the 108 steps to Lord Narsimhadeva’s temple. Most of the pilgrims choose to enter the temple this way and therefore they all chant one complete round of the Hare Krishna mantra before entering the temple complex! I have spent quite a bit of time at this part of the temple and it is my favorite place. The pilgrims chant the Hare Krishna mantra guided by Srila Prabhupada who is loudly chanting the Hare Krishna mantra over a sound system along with other devotees who encourage the pilgrims to chant Hare Krishna louder… It can be a very ecstatic transcendental experience indeed.


A major festival of south India, Vaikuntha Ekadashi is observed with all solemnity in the temples of Lord Vishnu. The Vaikuntha Dwara (gate) of all Vishnu temples is opened on this day. Thousands of devotees pass through this gate to get special mercy of Lord Srinivasa Govinda. Lord Srinivasa Govinda receives a gorgeous bathing ceremony and special alankara on this day with sparkling jewels.

For More Information visit

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Sri Durga Ji ki Aarti

Jai ambe gaurii maiyaa, Jai shyaamaa gaurii Nishadina tumako dhyaavata, Hari brahma shivajii

Maanga sinduura viraajata, Tiko mriga madako Ujjvalase dauu nainaa, Chandravana niiko

Kanaka samaana kalevara, Raktaambara raaje Raktapushpa galamaalaa, Kanthahaara saaje

Kehari vaahana raajata, Khadaga khappara dhaari Sura nara munijana sevata, Tinake dukha haari

Kaanana kunadala shobhita, Naasaagre motii Kotika chandra divaakara, Sam raajata jyotii

Shumbha nishumbha bidaare, Mahishaasura ghaatii Dhuumra vilochana nainaa, Nishadina madamaatii

Brahmaanii rudraanii, Tuma kamalaa raanii Aagama-nigama bakhaanii, Tuma shiva pataraanii

Chausatha yoginii gaavata, Nritya karata bhairon Baajata taala mridanga, Aura baajata damaruu

Tuma ho jaga kii maataa, Tuma hii ho bhartaa Bhaktana kii dukha hartaa, Sukha sampati kartaa

Bhujaa chaara ati shobhita, Vara mudraa dhaarii Manavaanchita phala paavata, Sevata nara naarii

Kanchana thaala viraajata, Agaru kapuura baatii Bhaalaketu mein raajata, Kotiratana jyotii

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Sri Saraswati Chalisa for students with Doha

Saraswati Chalisa :-

II Doha II

Janak Janani Pad Kamal Raj, Nij Mastak Par Dhaari,
Bandau Maatu Saraswati, Buddhi Bal De Daataari.
Purn Jagat Mein Vyaapt Tav, Mahima Amit Anantu,
Ramsaagar Ke Paap Ko, Maatu Tuhi Ab Hantu.

Jay Shri Sakal Buddhi Balaraasi, Jay Sarvagya Amar Avinaasi.
Jay Jay Veenaakar Dhaari, Karati Sadaa Suhans Savaari.

Roop Chaturbhujadhaari Maata, Sakal Vishv Andar Vikhyaata.
Jag Mein Paap Buddhi Jab Hoti, Jabahi Dharm Ki Phiki Jyoti.

Tabahi Maatu Le Nij Avataara, Paap Heen Karati Mahi Taara.
Baalmiki Ji The Baham Gyaani, Tav Prasaad Janie Sansaara.

Raamaayan Jo Rache Banaai, Aadi Kavi Ki Padavi Paai.
Kalidaas Jo Bhaye Vikhyaata, Teri Kripaa Drishti Se Maata.

Tulasi Sur Aadi Vidvaana, Bhaye Aur Jo Gyaani Nana.
Tinhahi Na Aur Raheu Avalamba, Keval Kripa Aapaki Amba.

Karahu Kripa Soi Maatu Bhavaani, Dukhit Din Nij Daasahi Jaani.
Putra Karai Aparaadh Bahuta, Tehi Na dharai Chitt Sundar Maata.

Raakhu Laaj Janani Ab Meri, Vinay Karu Bahu Bhaanti Ghaneri.
Mein Anaath Teri Avalamba, Kripa Karau Jay Jay Jagadamba.

Madhu Kaitabh Jo Ati Balavaana, Baahuyuddh Vishnu Te Thaana.
Samar Hajaar Paanch Mein Ghora, Phir Bhi Mukh Unase Nahi Mora.

Maatu Sahaay Bhai Tehi Kaala, Buddhi Viparit Kari Khalahaala.
Tehi Mrityu Bhai Khal Keri, Purvahu Maatu Manorath Meri.

Chand Mund Jo The Vikhyaata, Chhan Mahu Sanhaareu Tehi Maata.
Raktabij Se Samarath Paapi, Sur-Muni Hriday Dhara Sab Kampi.

Kaateu Sir Jim Kadali Khamba, Baar Baar Binavau Jagadamba.
Jag Prasidhdh Jo Shumbh Nishumbha, Chhin Me Badhe Taahi Tu Amba.

Bharat-Maatu Budhi Phereu Jaai, Ramachandra Banvaas Karaai.
Ehi Vidhi Raavan Vadh Tum Kinha, Sur Nar Muni Sab Kahu Sukh Dinha.

Ko Samarath Tav Yash Gun Gaana, Nigam Anaadi Anant Bakhaana.
Vishnu Rudra Aj Sakahi Na Maari, Jinaki Ho Tum Rakshaakaari.

Rakt Dantika Aur Shataakshi, Naam Apaar Hai Daanav Bhakshi.
Durgam Kaaj Dhara Par Kinha, Durga Naam Sakal Jag Linha.

Durg Aadi Harani Tu Maata, Kripa Karahu Jab Jab Sukhadaata.
Nrip Kopit Jo Maaran Chaahei, Kaanan Mein Ghere Mrig Naahei.

Saagar Madhy Pot Ke Bhange, Ati Toofaan Nahi Kou Sange.
Bhoot Pret Baadha Yaa Dukh Mein, Ho Daridra Athava Sankat Mein.

Naam Jape Mangal Sab Koi, Sanshay Isame Karai Na Koi.
Putrahin Jo Aatur Bhaai, Sabei Chhaandi Puje Ehi Maai.

Karai Path Nit Yah Chaalisa, Hoy Putra Sundar Gun Isa.
Dhupaadik Naivedy Chadhavei, Sankat Rahit Avashy Ho Jaavei.

Bhakti Maatu Ki Karei Hamesha, Nikat Na Aavei Taahi Kalesha.
Bandi Path Kare Shat Baara, Bandi Paash Door Ho Saara.

Karahu Kripa Bhavamukti Bhavaani, Mo Kahn Daas Sadaa Nij Jaani.

II Doha II

Maata Sooraj Kaanti Tav, Andhakaar Mam Roop,
Dooban Te Raksha Karahu, Paru Na Mein Bhav-Koop.
Bal Buddhi Vidya Dehu Mohi, Sunahu Sarasvati Maatu,
Adham Ramasaagarahi Tum, Aashray Deu Punaatu.

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108 names of Shani Dev

1. Om shanaescaraya namah
2. Om shantaya namah
3. Om sarvabhistapradayine namah
4. Om sharanyaya namah
5. Om vagenyaya namah
6. Om sarveshaya namah
7. Om saumyaya namah
8. Om suramvandhaya namah
9. Om suralokaviharine namah
10. Om sukhasonapavishtaya namah
11. Om sundaraya namah
12. Om ghanaya namah
13. Om ghanarupaya namah
14. Om ghanabharanadharine namah
15. Om ghanasaravilepaya namah
16. Om khadyotaya namah
17. Om mandaya namah
18. Om mandaceshtaya namah
19. Om mahaniyagunaatmane namah
20. Om martyapavanapadaya namah
21. Om maheshaya namah
22. Om dhayaputraya namah
23. Om sharvaya namah
24. Om shatatuniradharine namah
25. Om carasthirasvabhavaya namah
26. Om acamcalaya namah
27. Om nilavarnaya namah
28. Om nityaya namah
29. Om nilanjananibhaya namah
30. Om nilambaravibhushaya namah
31. Om nishcalaya namah
32. Om vedyaya namah
33. Om vidhirupaya namah
34. Om virodhadharabhumaye namah
35. Om bhedaspadasvabhavaya namah
36. Om vajradehaya namah
37. Om vairagyadaya namah
38. Om viraya namah
39. Om vitarogabhayaya namah
40. Om vipatparampareshaya namah
41. Om vishvavandyaya namah
42. Om gridhnavahaya namah
43. Om gudhaya namah
44. Om kurmangaya namah
45. Om kurupine namah
46. Om kutsitaya namah
47. Om gunadhyaya namah
48. Om gocaraya namah
49. Om avidhyamulanashaya namah
50. Om vidhyaavidhyasvarupine namah
51. Om ayushyakaranaya namah
52. Om apaduddhartre namah
53. Om vishnubhaktaya namah
54. Om vishine namah
55. Om vividhagamavedine namah
56. Om vidhistutyaya namah
57. Om vandhyaya namah
25. Om virupaakshaya namah
59. Om varishthaya namah
60. Om garishthaya namah
61. Om vajramkushagharaya namah
62. Om varada bhayahastaya namah
63. Om vamanaya namah
64. Om jyeshthapatnisametaya namah
65. Om shreshthaya namah
66. Om mitabhashine namah
67. Om kashtaughanashakartre namah
68. Om pushtidaya namah
69. Om stutyaya namah
70. Om stotragamyaya namah
71. Om bhaktivashyaya namah
72. Om bhanave namah
73. Om bhanuputraya namah
74. Om bhavyaya namah
75. Om pavanaya namah
76. Om dhanurmandalasamsthaya namah
77. Om dhanadaya namah
78. Om dhanushmate namah
79. Om tanuprakashadehaya namah
80. Om tamasaya namah
81. Om asheshajanavandyaya namah
82. Om visheshaphaladayine namah
83. Om vashikritajaneshaya namah
84. Om pashunam pataye namah
85. Om khecaraya namah
86. Om khageshaya namah
87. Om ghananilambaraya namah
88. Om kathinyamanasaya namah
89. Om aryaganastutyaya namah
90. Om nilacchatraya namah
91. Om nityaya namah
92. Om nirgunaya namah
93. Om gunatmane namah
94. Om niramayaya namah
95. Om nandyaya namah
96. Om vandaniyaya namah
97. Om dhiraya namah
98. Om divyadehaya namah
99. Om dinartiharanaya namah
100. Om aryajanaganyaya namah
101. Om aryajanaganyaya namah
102. Om kruraya namah
103. Om kruraceshtaya namah
104. Om kamakrodhakaraya namah
105. Om kalatraputrashatrutvakaranaya namah
106. Om pariposhitabhaktaya namah
107. Om parabhitiharaya namah
108. Om bhaktasanghamanobhishtaphaladaya namah

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Gayatri mantra in hindi and english with meaning

Gayatri mantra in hindi:-

Gayatri mantra in English:-

Bhoor Bhuwah Swah Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi Deeyo yo naha prachodayat

Meaning of gayatri mantra in hindi:-

Meaning of gayatri mantra in English:-

Oh God, Thou Art the Giver of Life,
Remover of Pain and Sorrow,
The Bestower of Happiness,
Oh! Creator of the Universe
May We Receive
Thy Supreme Sin-destroying Light
May Thou Guide Our Intellect
In the Right Direction

Some other Useful Links:

Prayer for peace: Aye Maalik Tere Bande Hum by lata mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar widget by 6L & Daxii
Aye Maalik Tere Bande Hum Ayese Ho Humaare Karam
nekee Par Chale, Aaur Badee Se Tale, Taankee Hasate Huye Nikale Dam

ye Andheraa Ghanaa Chhaa Rahaa, Teraa Insaan Ghabaraa Rahaa
ho Rahaa Bekhabar, Kuchh Naa Aataa Najar, Sukh Kaa Sooraj Chhoopaa Jaa Rahaa
hai Teree Roshanee Mein Jo Dam To Amaawas Ko Kar De Poonam

badaa Kamajor Hain Aadamee, Abhee Laakhon Hain Is Mein Kamee
par Too Jo Khadaa, Hain Dayaaloo Badaa, Teree Kirapaa Se Dharatee Thamee
diyaa Toone Humei Jab Janam Too Hee Zelegaa Hum Sab Ke Gam

jab Julmon Kaa Ho Saamanaa, Tab Too Hee Humei Thaamanaa
wo Buraee Kare, Hum Bhalaaee Bhare, Naheen Badale Kee Ho Kaamanaa
badh Uthhe Pyaar Kaa Har Kadam Aaur Mite Bair Kaa Ye Bhara
neki per chale aur vadi se tale taki haste hue nikle dum
aye malik tere bande hum

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Shani Dev Chalisa Hindi and Shani Temples: Free Download

Shani Dev is one of the most popular deities that the Hindus pray to ward off evil and remove obstacles.Shani literally means the “slow-moving-one”. According to myths, Shani oversees the "dungeons of the human heart and the dangers that lurks there."

He is also known as Saura (son of sun-god), Kruradris or Kruralochana (the cruel-eyed), Mandu (dull and slow), Pangu (disabled), Saptarchi (seven-eyed) and Asita (dark).

Hindus accord immense importance to the planets, and Saturn or Shani is one such planet which they fear the most for ill-luck. Anyone born under his influence is believed to at risk.

Shani Chalisha:-

Jai Ganesh Girija Suwan, Mangal karan kripaal.
Deenan ke Dhuk dhoor kari, Kheejai Naath Nihaal.
JaiJai SriShanidev Prabhu, Sunahu Vinay Maharaaj
Karahu Kruia hey Ravitanay, Rakhahu Jan ki Laaj.

Jayathi jayathi shani dayaala, karath sadha bhakthan prathipaala.
Chaari bhuja, thanu shyam viraajay, maathey ratan mukut chavi chaajay.
Param vishaal manohar bhaala, tedi dhrishti bhrukuti vikraala.
Kundal shravan chamaacham chamke, hiye maal mukthan mani dhamkay.
Kar me gadha thrishul kutaara, pal bich karai arihi samhaara.
Pinghal, krishno, chaaya, nandhan, yum, konasth, raudra, dhuk bhamjan.
Sauri, mandh shani, dhasha naama, bhanu puthra poojhin sab kaama.
Jaapar prabu prasan havain jhaahin, rakhhun raav karai shan maahin.
Parvathhu thrun hoi nihaarath, thrunhu ko parvath kari daarath.
Raaj milath ban raamhin dheenhyo, kaikeyihu ki mathi hari linhiyo.
Banhu mae mrag kapat dhikaayi, maathu Janki gayi chooraayi.
Lakanhin shakthi vikal kari daara, machiga dhal mae haahaakaar.
Raavan ki ghathi-mathi bauraayi, Ramchandra so bair badaayi.
Dheeyo keet kari kanchan Lanka, baji bajarang beer ki danka.
Nrip vikram par thuhin pagu dhaara, chitra mayur nigli gai haara.
Haar naulakka laagyo chori, haath pair darvaayo thori.
Bhaari dhasha nikrusht dhikaayo, telhin ghar kholhu chalvaayo.
Vinay raag dheepak mah khinho, tab prasann prabhu hvai sukh dheenho.
Harishchandra nrip naari bhikani, aaphun bharen dome gar paani.
Tasse nal par dasha sirani, bhunji-meen koodh gayi paani.
Sri Shankarhin gahyo jab jaayi, Paarvathi ko sathi karaayi.
Thanik vilokath hi kari reesa, nabh udi gayo gaurisuth seesa.
Paandav par bhay dasha thumhaari, bachi draupadhi hothi udhaari.
Kaurav ke bi gathi mathi maaryo, yudh mahabharath kari daryo.
Ravi kah mukh mahn dhari thathkala, lekar koodhi paryo paathaala.
Saish dhev-lakhi vinthi laayi, Ravi ko mukh thay dhiyo chudaayi.
Vaahan prabhu kay saah sujana, jag dhigaj gadharbh mragh swaana.
Jambuk singh aadhi nakh dhari, so phal jyothish kahath pukari.
Gaj vahan lakshmi gruha aavai, hay thay sukh sampathi upjaavay.
Gadharbh haani karai bahu kaaja, singh sidh kar raaj samaja.
Jhambuk budhi nasht kar darai, mrag dhe kasht praan sangharay.
Jab aavahi prabu swaan savaari, chori aadi hoy dar bhaari.
Thaishi chaari charan yeh naama, swarn laoh chaandhi aru taama.
Lauh charan par jab prabu aavain, daan jan sampathi nashta karavain.
Samatha thaamra rajath shubhkari, swarn sarva sukh mangal bhaari.
Jo yeh shani charithra nith gavai, kabahu na dasha nikrushta sathavai.
Adhbuth nath dhikavain leela, karaen shaatru kay nashi bhali dheela.
Jo pundith suyogya bulvaayi vidhyvath shani graha shanti karayi.
Peepal jal shani diwas chadavath, deep dhaan dai bahu sukh pawath.
Kahath Ram Sundhar prabu dasa, Shani sumirath sukh hoth prakasha.

II Doha II

Paath Shanichar Dev ko, ko hoon Vimal Taiyaar.
Karat Paath Chalis Din, ho Bhav Sagar Paar

Shani Chalisa in hindi:-

Download  free shani chalisa audio/mp3 :-

shani dev Mp3

password:- rohit&phenom

Shani Temples:-

Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Shanishingnapur’s legend in Taluk Naivasa of District Ahmednagar is famous, far and wide, as the shrine of countless devotees.Most Hindu temples have a little shrine set apart for the ‘Navagraha’ or the nine planets where Shani is placed. Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, the oldest Navagraha temple has the most benign Shani. Another important Shani temple is at Shingnapur in Maharashtra where the deity is represented as a block of stone. Navi Mumbai has a Sri Shaniswar temple at Nerul while Delhi has a popular Shanidham at Fatehpur Beri in the historic Mehrauli area.

Shani and Hanuman Jee:-

The worship of Lord Hanuman is a panacea for the harsh effects of the 'unfavourable' presence of Lord Shani. In the Ramayana, Lord Hanuman is said to have rescued Shani from the clutches of Ravana and in gratitude, Shani promised Hanuman that anyone who prayed to Him (Hanuman), especially on Saturdays, would be rescued from the "malefic" effects of Saturn, or at the very least, the effects would be softened. Another version of the encounter between Lord Hanuman and Shani is that once Shani climbed on to Hanuman's shoulder, implying that Shani's influence was beginning on Lord Hanuman. At this, Hanuman assumed a large size, and Shani was caught painfully between Hanuman's shoulders and the ceiling of the room they were in. As the pain was unbearable, Shani requested Lord Hanuman to release him, promising in return, that if a person prayed to Lord Hanuman, he (Shani) would moderate or eliminate the malefic effects of his influence on that person; following this, Lord Hanuman released Shani.

Durga Ji Aarti in hindi: Navratri Special

Jai ambe gaurii maiyaa, Jai shyaamaa gaurii Nishadina tumako dhyaavata, Hari brahma shivajii

Maanga sinduura viraajata, Tiko mriga madako Ujjvalase dauu nainaa, Chandravana niiko

Kanaka samaana kalevara, Raktaambara raaje Raktapushpa galamaalaa, Kanthahaara saaje

Kehari vaahana raajata, Khadaga khappara dhaari Sura nara munijana sevata, Tinake dukha haari

Kaanana kunadala shobhita, Naasaagre motii Kotika chandra divaakara, Sam raajata jyotii

Shumbha nishumbha bidaare, Mahishaasura ghaatii Dhuumra vilochana nainaa, Nishadina madamaatii

Brahmaanii rudraanii, Tuma kamalaa raanii Aagama-nigama bakhaanii, Tuma shiva pataraanii

Chausatha yoginii gaavata, Nritya karata bhairon Baajata taala mridanga, Aura baajata damaruu

Tuma ho jaga kii maataa, Tuma hii ho bhartaa Bhaktana kii dukha hartaa, Sukha sampati kartaa

Bhujaa chaara ati shobhita, Vara mudraa dhaarii Manavaanchita phala paavata, Sevata nara naarii

Kanchana thaala viraajata, Agaru kapuura baatii Bhaalaketu mein raajata, Kotiratana jyotii

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Teachers Prayer

A Teachers Prayer

Lord, let me be just what they need.
If they need someone to trust, let me be trustworthy.
If they need sympathy, let me sympathize.
If they need love, (and they do need love), let me love, in full measure.
Let me not anger easily, Lord but let me be just.
Permit my justice to be tempered in your mercy.
When I stand before them, Lord, let me look strong and good and honest and loving.
And let me be as strong and good and honest and loving as I look to them.
Help me to counsel the anxious, crack the covering of the shy, temper the
rambunctious with a gentle attitude.
Permit me to teach only the truth.
Help me to inspire them so that learning will not cease at the classroom door.
Let the lessons they learn make their lives fruitful and happy.
And, Lord, let me bring them to You.
Teach them through me to love You.
Finally, permit me to learn the lessons they teach.

Teacher's Prayer

I want to teach my students how
To live this life on earth
To face its struggles and its strife
And to improve their worth
Not just the lesson in a book
Or how the rivers flow
But how to choose the proper path
Wherever they may go
To understand eternal truth And know
The right from wrong
And gather all the beauty of a Flower
And a song for if
I help the world to grow In wisdom
And in grace
Then I shall feel that I have won
And I have filled my place
And so I ask Your guidance, God
That I may do my part 
For character and confidence
And happiness of Heart.

Teachers Prayer

God grant me wisdom, creativity and love.

With wisdom, I may look to the future
and see the effect that my teaching will
have on these children and thus adapt my
methods to fit the needs of each one.

With creativity, I can prepare new and interesting
projects that can challenge my students and expand
their minds to set higher goals and dream loftier dreams.

With love, I can praise my students for jobs well done 
and encourage them to get up and go when they fall.

A Teacher's Reflection

God, I have come to the frightening conclusion.
I an the decisive element in the classroom.
It is my personal approach that creates the climate.
It is my daily mood that makes the weather.
As a teacher I possess tremendous power to make a child's
life miserable or joyous.
I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration.
I can humiliate or humour, hurt or heal.
In all situations it is my response that decides whether a crisis
will be escalated or de-escalated and a child humanized or
Grant me the insight and patience to make the right decisions 
to model Jesus in my classroom.

Teacher Reflection

Everything depends on the person who stands in the front of
the classroom. The teacher is not an automatic fountain from which
intellectual beverages may be obtained. He is either a witness or a
stranger. To guide a pupil to the promised land he must have been there
himself. When asking herself: do I stand for what I teach? do I believe 
what I say? she must be able to answer in the affirmative.

What we need more than anything else is not textbooks but textpeople. 
It is the personality of the teacher which is the text that the pupils read:
the text that they will never forget.

At Grading Time

There they sit, Father,
a neat stack of yellow report cards.
And here I sit,
an anxious and bewildered Solomon, 
praying in my heart for wisdom,
while the controversy about grading surges on.

Should there be an objective standard
whereby children are measured against other children?

And how do we weigh a child's achievement 
against his ability and effort?
Can we penalize a child for having little natural ability,
when he can't get a high mark
no matter how hard he tries?
And what about the child for whom "A"s come easily?
Will he skim through school never knowing what it is to try?

And what is happening 
when an "A" becomes so important that a child will
cheat for it,
perhaps to avoid abuse at home?

So here I sit, Father,
forced to take these cards seriously
because other people do.
Long on questions,
short on answers.

as I reach reluctantly for the top card,
let me also reach for your promise:
"If any one of you lacks wisdom,
let him ask of God."

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