Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Universal Healing Prayer :By Molvi Abbas Ishaq Khalifa

This prayer for universal healing was written by Imam Abbas Khalifa, a fellow student on my Muslim Chaplaincy course and a nationally recognised chaplain (he recently received an award for his work in this regard). I’ve come to know Maulana Abbas during this course and have come to see the sincerity with which he lives. This is, I believe, what gives this prayer its particular power.

Ma sha Allah. Fine and worthy words from a fine and worthy brother. Ya Haqq! May Allah bless Movli Abbas and bring him and his family naught but goodness.

Universal Healing Prayer
By Molvi Abbas Ishaq Khalifa

We pray in the name of our Merciful Lord, who is the real source of our happiness, sadness, sickness, remedy, tranquility and blessings. He alone is indeed the most kind and most compassionate Lord, and His caring protections are open to all of His creatures alike.
Merciful Lord! The treasures of the heavens and the earth belong to You. You alone possess the keys to the vast treasures of health, wealth, happiness, sadness and sickness. You hold the key that unlocks every ailment and releases every remedy. Lord Almighty! You are indeed the True Healer for all your creatures alike.
O Most Powerful Lord! Whilst You remain strong, we are completely weak. Whilst You are free from every fault and defect, we remain overwhelmed by them. Whilst we are foolish, You are truly wise. Whilst You know all things, of ourselves, we know little.
Lord! Guide us this day to appreciate fully the wonderful things You have done for us. Allow us to understand that every thing You have done in the past or are doing now, or may do in the future, are full of Your hidden wisdom. Yet, sometimes we feel let down, even though we realise that none of us have the wherewithal to argue with Your decision and judgement.
O Kind Lord! Lead us to understand and believe, that all of Your works and the things that you in your wisdom allow to happen, come into being through Your merciful power and that they are truly for the best.
O Hearer of All Things! Indeed You are peace and we believe that peace can only come from You. Therefore, Kind Lord, we ask You to please help us to live our lives in total peace. O Great Lord, indeed You are the Master of the Great Throne, help us believe that only You can heal and cleanse your creatures against the harmful mischief of the unknown.
O Healer! Through Your never-ending compassion and loving kindness, and through the blessings of Your all-encompassing and wise generosity, we beg You to give us this day real strength and peace of mind; real remedies and cures for our ailments. In any case, please give us the capacity to either accept or come to terms with the purifying trials of Your decreed ailments.
Lord! You are the Nurturer of all good people as well as of all good things. Therefore, kindly send down a blessing from amongst Your blessings with a cure or remedy from amongst Your cures and remedies upon our sick patients. O Protector! Please remove the harmful fire of the evil eye and the discomforts it may cause our people.
We seek protection by the Honour of the Almighty Lord and by His compelling power over everything against the mischief and harm of the aches, pains and feelings of fear endured by our patients and their relatives.
O Most Dear Lord! During these testing times, we have turned to You for Your wisdom, kind support, help, cure and satisfaction in our hearts that You will always remain our real pillar of support.
O Most Exalted Lord! Bestow Your mercy upon us and pour into the hearts, minds and thoughts of our Teams of Carers, Your best wisdom, compassionate care, healing powers, stability and craftsmanship. Please also thoroughly cleanse each and every utensil and piece of equipments which our Teams of Carers may use during the times they are caring for us. Cleanse these items from all kinds of from faults, defects, and contaminations against all kinds of known and unknown mishaps, catastrophes, accidents, failures and viruses.
Lord! Blessed is Your name. Great is Your compassionate care. Best is Your ever-watchful guard. Strong is Your protection and most wondrous is Your love for all creatures.

Loving Lord! We beg you once again to look after, in total protection, each member of our Teams of Carers, along with their associates.

Heavenly Lord! Indeed You are the most compassionate and most kind Lord, we present before You the blessed name of our beloved Nabi Mohammad Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wasallam who was sent to this world to serve as a Mercy to the whole Universe. We plead with You to hear our prayers and to answer our call. May Your will be done. Your Kingdom is eternally all-supreme.

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